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? >> i think so. there is no fantasy going on. everybody knows what this is about. easter bit down and obama wants to raise the rates. he knows the difference between revenues and rates. and republicans know the difference as well. they're going to have to compromise. eventually, the $250,000 will go up. and it will not be $1 million, but maybe $500,000. >> let's talk about the future of the republican party. >> anytime anyone take a trip to iowa, people start speculating about the future. i am not now, nor will i ever be a candidate for offensive coordinator of iowa. >> welcome to the 2016 presidential sweepstakes. mariko rubio in iowa officially as part of the governor's birthday fund raiser. but this gives iowa a chance to look at rubio. who is the favorite of this stage of the game? >> there is no favorite. the most terrifying and development is that terry branstad, a longtime governor of iowa, wants to abolish the iowa straw poll, which is held at the august before the caucus. and for those of us who need that fakes the august before the caucus, it is a terrible idea. >> repub
anything else. let me tell you why i'm supporting barack obama. i live down the street. let me talk to you about an issue that you care about. that was important to how people are going to vote. >> useing this they spent less time than what? >> knocking on doors that weren't persuadable. the best example was a friend of mine was door knocking for us a week before the election. he called and said let me tell you the story about why i think you are running a smarter campaign. i was told to knock on two doors. one was chasing absentee ballots and the second one was an undecided voters who i was given a persuasion script. i had a great conversation. i'm sure they are going to vote for us on election day. one block, two days. that's using them more wisely. it's honoring them. saying every contact you are going to make is going to matter to us. i think it allows us to hit more doors and more effective doors than the romney campaign. >> how big of a world did big data play in your win? >> a big role. in the past two weeks it's been a little bit over played. i think the most important thing goes b
trillion. you could pay all of obama's death down. connell: that is not what he is talking about. >> okay. i am sorry. what he said is what i said. what obama claims he said is a separate matter. boehner was very clear. obama said, oh, you have agreed to tax increases. the talks collapsed because obama misstated. connell: what you say to republicans who are thinking about breaking the pledge? >> look, most republicans have signed the pledge. even the ones who have not have made it very clear even when they ran for office, higher taxes have hurt the economy. they have spent too much money. the entitlements are looking to break the economy. we need to spend less. raising taxes to get the politicians more money to continue spending, does not solve any problems. connell: i know you think this is the narratives being pushed by the media and all of that, if they do break it, that does speak to your own influence. >> for the last 20 years, they have all kept the pledge. the pledge, however, in the tax issue are very, very powerful. connell: do you think they will keep it again? >> i think they w
house for "usa today." we'll join us in the next segment, and ask him where he thinks president obama is going to come down on the issue. >> announcer: on your radio and on current tv, this is the "bill press show." ♪ confrontational, but to understand what the other side is saying, and i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table. to come down on the issue. start you morning with a daily dose of politics from a fresh perspective. >>i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me. >>only on current tv. ♪ >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." >> bill: you got it. thirteen minutes before the top of the hour. this is the bullfight strategies, brought to you by the steelworkers association of america. good men and women of america. giving a fair day's work for a fair day's pay. you bet. get more information about their good work at smart/ busy days at the white house now with the fiscal cliff looming. what is it 36 days left i think, before we might go over the cliff. what is on the president's agen
is striking. >> suarez: we mentioned the raw number came down for president obama but he still won by a sizable margin. inside that 60%, what changed since '08? for instance, white voters tailed off, didn't they? >> that's right. obama won the support of young white voters four years ago. that group, 18-29-year-old white voters tilted the other direction this year. they favored romney by a somewhat slim margin. but they don't make up that big of a share of the young voters. what kept obama in such strong standing is the fact this age group is so diverse. >> suarez: when people talk about the changing face-off america, you see it more in the 18-29s than any of the other age? >> absolutely. this generation, 42% of voters in 18-29 were nonwhite, 58% were white. that is far different from the folks 30% and older. those nonwhite voters continue to back democrats very strongly as they have in previous elections and they make up an enormous part of this age group, and that was a big factor for obama. >> suarez: so in your analysis, are there states where this vote clearly made the differe
scandal that would take down, you know, an official within the obama administration and they completely failed. and not only did they fail, it backfired. they lost credibility on their reporting as you just highlighted. susan rice is more popular and more well known than she was at the beginning and mccain looks humiliated by trying to create this committee out of full cloth. that went know where so fox has to kind of think now what is our role in the coming years if we can't -- if we can't use all of our energy and affect a change here. >> fox is a propaganda machine. >> joe, i want to be fair, there was one voice over there that tried to make a little sense and that was late in the campaign, was geraldo rivera. listen to what geraldo said. >> i think we have to stop politicizing. we're getting away from the real issue, which is, why wasn't there security before this happened? because that's the issue. but these preposterous allegations, reckless allegations -- do weapon want to know what happened? do we want to try and influence the election with a tragedy that happened in north afric
debate comes down to negotiations between president obama and house speaker boehner. specifically what can he sell to the house republican conference. they've been very stubborn in terms of moving toward any significant raising of tax rates in order to garner revenue. we heard plans that they really do see a way forward with the combination of spending cuts, closing tax loopholes. this so-called vagueness we do not know the specifics oup, they're saying, folks, support this. however, we're hear from a lot of house democrats that they don't want any type of deal like that, even some saying it's bet gore off the fiscal cliff than accept a deal that does not raise the tax rates. as much as you hear this talk it all comes to looking good through the republican house. we do not know yet. we know the staff's been working back and forthe. there's been all sorts of things floating around. to correlate for what the tax cuts would be for the rest of the decade. it's complicated stuff. both teams growing at it. i know they spoke over the thanksgiving holiday, but we are not close to a gentlemen's
edson down in d.c., thank you, sir. the "wall street journal" reported president obama will also meet with ceos on wednesday. the names of those ceos have not been released yet. so we have more and more republicans hinting they may be ready to budge on tax increases in order to avoid the fiscal cliff. if the tide turning on capitol hill? joining us with more on all this, the senator of wyoming. senator, thank you for taking the time to be with us. lots of news today about how many republicans who have one sign grover norquist vote for no tax increases now kind of turning on the tide to little. you never signed that petition, that pledge. how come? >> i do believe the solution is to not raise taxes, but rather to cut spending. that is really what would be the courageous political act to say we cannot continue to spend money in this country the way we have. people believe if taxes are raised, what will happen if the government will spend more money. they will not use it to pay off the debt or to lower the deficit. tracy: you sponsored to cut the balanced approach. we're not even hearing
piece connell come about by israelis and palestinians sitting down and talking through the final issues. they have to discuss jerusalem, refugees, in this end as president obama is fond of saying and i would agree, we cannot want this more than they wanted. we have to provide the framework, which for process but in the end we need courageous leadership from israelis and palestinians to talk to the final issues. >> that is complete the right but we have every means at our disposal to pressure those into those negotiations because the reality is there can be a two face solution dwindling month by month. now there will be an opportunity for the two state solution at the general assembly later this month, recognizing the palestinian authority. we on this side have supported this because it will strengthen moderate voices among the palestinians who want to see the politics and not the violence. the prime minister should consider adopting this position in the days ahead. >> lete agree on the first part of what he said whi is confidence is dwindling that there's time left for a two state solut
and break down barriers and cut through the red tape and thank you very much for your leadership. [applause] so choice neighborhoods is just one powerful example of the obama administration investing better and we do what works and stop what doesn't work and form the partnerships that we need to solve the challenges of irnlt generational pof poverty for once and for all and it takes on average two generations to break that cycle of poverty and we are trying to break it in one and the efforts we're supporting and we want every american to have the chance to get ahead no matter where they are and live, whether it's a second grader to go to school or a parent walking their kid safely to school around the corner. we recognize that america built to last draws from the ability of the future and tap all of the resources. that what is takes to build the economy for the 31st century and that's what these grants are all b it's a pleasure to you here with you. >> >> [applause] >> thank you and thank you to our hud partners and at this moment i know i don't need to introduce him. i want to present to
more. raising taxes isn't going to deter the debt crisis coming down the pike. we need to focus on spending. we need to get president obama and senate democrats to say what spending they'll cut and how to change entitlement. >> did you hear what jay carney said in the last few minutes? he said social security, by the way, off the table. we're not going to discuss this while we do the fiscal cliff discussions. i mean, we're already there. raising taxes but not cutting spending. >> and that's exactly the point. >> social security is funded separately. it has it's own line item, it's a separate bill -- >> until the money runs out? then what do we do? >> that's not the point right now. >> it is. >> no, it's not. you won't solve those problems by going after the fiscal cliff. >> the only thing derailed is the conversation on what matters. what matters is spending. we have a debt crisis coming done the line. because we're spending too much. yet no one wants to talk about spending. we're talking about where can we raise taxes? raising taxes doesn't lower the deficit at all when you add
the disconnect you talk about is starting from the top on down. president obama sends his own two children to private schools because he was against the voucher program in washington, d.c. >> exactly. off hugely popular program in dc producing great outcomes. the kids that use these vouchers, graduate at much higher rates, 30, 40 points higher rates than kids who attend the traditional public schools in washington, d.c yet the president has spent his first term trying to kill the dc voucher program. >> gretchen: it comes down to why? i'm going to guess it's one word, which is unions. >> yes. it is. the black leadership is heavily dependent on teachers unions and labor in general for political support. they put that ahead of the actual needs in the community. it's a shame because it's doing real harm. president obama likes to lecture us day in and day out about the importance of education and education spending. yet he's killing a program -- he wants to kill funding fort dc voucher program. >> gretchen: i want you to finish the analysis that you talk about in your article because it's so i
at the president. the president has such a rare chance here. the debt ceiling crisis was the nadear of the obama administration. he had come to washington to unify the city and yet he couldn't get republicans and democrats to sit down and agree to a common sense agreement. he has the chance to do that now. there is a developing consensus to raise taxes in washington. that is so rare, it hasn't happened in decades. for the president, i think he has to make good on that opportunity. >> right. and you think the time is now. >> i just don't see how going -- first of all, more importantly going over the fiscal cliff could hurt a lot of americans. but i think it could also hurt the president. >> eamon, javers, i want to say thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you. >> after the break, who is pulling the strings? we will look at the key players in the budget negotiations, to famous polls and some of the people behind the scenes. and are some republicans ready to cut ties? we'll discuss next on "now." having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier. well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt
of mexico enrique peno is coming to visit president obama at the white house. he gets inaugurated and vice president biden is going down to be part of that. i think that's what we're going to be talking about tomorrow. >> the fact that president obama said one of his big priorities in the second term was immigration. so clearly the president of mexico is going to want to see what he's willing to deliver. >> right. exactly. this is something that the current president of mexico, calderon, has been pushing for a long time as well. >> thanks so much, jonathan capehart. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." next up is my colleague tamron hall. >> the senate returns to work at the top of the hour as debate over the fiscal cliff kicks into shall we say high gear. are republicans ready to ditch their decades-old plunge not to hike taxes? we'll all talk with peter de-faiz owe who was just quoted as saying we're betting off going off the cliff. >>> plus, republicans say they're preparing to put an immigration reform bill forward, but is it adequate? we'll talk with nbc's latin
this you have killed tax reform for a generation. how do you get the rates down if you don't have the deductions and credits. what obama is hoping to do is raids spend the money, kill tax reform for individuals. >>neil: what do you do, the house majority leader and others, talking increasingly about this as an option despite what you are saying, are you going to want to exact punishment on them in two years? >>guest: it is, there have been some folks whose pictures you put up there some of them have engaged in impure thoughts and they have not actually voted for a tax increase, be clear. cantor and speaker boehner have said they want revenues from economic growth. i want that. all americans should want that. if we were growing at reagan rates rather than obama rates with we have ten million people work asking more revenue in the coffer. let's get more rest now through growth. >>neil: does it trouble you that warren buffett disagrees with your notion this would inhibit investment in a column today he said only in grover norquist's imagination does such a response to exist? >>guest:
down to the nitty-gritty and aides and those chose to president obama, there's not been a lot of movement on the taxive of what to do. republicans don't want to touch that. democrats want that. they feel they have a mandate from the election. that is the issue we said is going to be the linchpin for the last three months. it continues to be there. there is no movement on that. and until there's movement on how to come up with that type of revenue, 250 and above, we're going to keep having the same conversation about ongoing negotiations, talking points from both sides. >> luke russert getting down to the nitty-gritty. stephanie, let's get down to the markets. they put our chances of going over the cliff at about 5%. so why is the market freaking out? >> you know the market always wants to be a bull but it doesn't matter what side of the aisle to sit on you. have to agree we're not working with an efficient government right now and we haven't in a very, very long time. and the market, if you remember, the day after the election dropped 300 points. that was the dow. fearing the
schools and businesses have shut down fearing violence. bret? >> bret: steve harrigan in cairo. thank you. more on this with the panel. president obama press secretary says the commander-in-chief will make a decision about afghanistan troop levels in coming weeks and months. national security correspondent jennifer griffin looks at the possibilities for next year and beyond. >> defense secretary leon panetta will hold a video teleconference tuesday with his top general in afghanistan, john allen. among the pressing issues, how many u.s. troops will they recommend the president keep in afghanistan next year and beyond 2014? the president and slice president campaign for the war to end. >> there is no reason why americans should die, when afghans are perfectly capable of defending their own country. >> we are leaving. we are leaving in 2014. period. >> the war is likely to drag on two more years. general allen is asked to keep 50,000 troop troops in afghanisn through next year's fighting season. >> the defense officials are floating the idea of keeping 10,000 troops including about 1,000 sp
and exchange commission. mary shapiro is stepping down as head of the s.e.c. and president obama is designating commission member elise walter as her replacement. eamon javers is in washington with the details. >> reporter: this is a bit of a surprise announcement. a lot of other names had been speculated over the past couple of days here on who might succeed mary shapiro over at s.e.c. but the tap goes to elise walter today. she is a sitting s.e.c. commissioner now. that means that the president will not have to face a bruising confirmation battle up on capitol hill for her to take over as the chair of the s.e.c. what we're told is the president is likely to appoint somebody to fill out that term after elisse walter finishes up mary shapiro's term in 2014. we expect that the president will name somebody else to follow on after elisse walter. a little bit of complicated moving and shaking here but already the consideration in washington turning to mary shapiro's legacy. she took over at one of the darkest points in american financial history in january of 2009. the s.e.c. pointing out today tha
, is viewed as president obama's top pick to replace secretary of state hillary clinton, who plans to step down early next year. both senators mccain and lindsey graham previously vowed to block her possible nomination. i'm joined now by dan lothian at the white house for us. and dan, what do we hear from mccain and graham this weekend? it seems maybe they provided a little bit of wiggle room now. >> it certainly does appear that way. what we're seeing is a change in tone. there had been sort of this harsh rhetoric they wanted to block this nomination, said they would block this nomination. and now there seems to be this tone where they want to give susan rice a chance to explain herself, that they're willing to sit down and talk over these issues with her. at a listen to what senator mccain had to say about this over the weekend. >> i think she deserves the ability and the opportunity to explain herself and her position, just as she said. but she is not the problem. the problem is the president of the united states. >> now, again, we should point out that she has not been nominated for th
of americans, the 2012 election came down to one issue, economic fairness. people voted in droves for president obama because they are sick of our system being so rigged in favor of the wealthy, where billionaires pay a lower tax rates than their secretaries and that's why the republican argument right now taking place in washington is just surreal. didn't they just lose the election defending tax breaks for the richest americans? not that they aren't good at talking a good game about compromise. one by one, some are coming out against the
. president obama who had nancy pelosi as speaker two years ago said don't raise the rates in a down economy. it hurts it. >> the economy's a little stronger now than it was two years ago. >> i don't know if you've been out there in the economy -- you see a lot of people underemployed, half of college students coming out, a lot of them can't find jobs. we're at our lowest point of new start-ups in 17 years for small business. and that's the greatest growth to economy. when you look to the future, we're in a weak position. >> what about raising it from 35% to 36% or 37%? >> what does that get you? >> $31 billion for the next year. you want to sit down and find a place to control government spending and raise more revenue. if the goal is to raise more revenue, what is the best way to do that at the same time protecting the economy? so if you're able to gain more revenue by closing special loopholes and limiting them and keeping the rate down so you have better job growth, isn't that a better outcome? >> the president says -- and he makes this point repeatedly, the white house put out a whole r
revenue from mobile ads. and as our own charlie gasparino first reported, mary schapiro stepping down as chairman of the sec. officially leave office on december 14th. she ran the securities regulator for nearly four years. president obama will appoint current sec commissioner to run the agency. all right. now to our top story. warren buffett support for raising taxes on the rich takes a controversy in its turn in an op-ed in today's new york times. the billionaire investor says let's forget about the rich in culture ridge. income is increased. forever for see investment of the charities. so buffett is on target with this. raising taxes on the rich actually have no affect on their investment behavior. let's bring in scott martin, chief investment strategist and founder and ceo of market 76. thank you for joining me. give me a reaction to this. >> i'm really surprised. i look at buffett as a savvy businessman and one who would not put a dime toward the u.s. government if he had a choice with regards to a buyout because certainly is not a great balance sheets they carry. it just doesn't
sometimes i think i knock him too much. but i do think jesus, that president obama had the guts to step forward and stare down the special interests and curb the costs of health care in the long run so we don't have to worry about costs anymore, right? >> that level of sarcasm may or may not be justified given that the program hasn't actually -- i mean, the program has cost savings that the cbo has scored out over the next 20 years. since the program hasn't been applied and come into effect, it's very hard to judge whether or not its cost savings will be realized or not. >> in that case, we don't even have to worry about costs. why don't we sit back and see if it works. >> that is not what i said. nor what i implied. >> actually, everybody knows that it's insufficient to what lies ahead of us. >> it may be insufficient, but it may also be a very powerful first step in the right direction. >> i find it surprising we spent two years on this show ad nauseam talking about health care reform, mike barnicle, and now you talk to everybody that comes on about what we need to do moving forward.
-profit education. the associated press is reporting mary schapiro is stepping down from the securities and exchange commission after reading the response to the 2008 financial crisis. she was appointed by president obama and is credited with helping reshape the agency during a tumultuous time. it is not clear who is going to replace her. many airports are suggesting is married john miller. mary schapiro will step down in september. the administration released a report warning of the impact of failing to extend tax cuts for 90% of americans could have on the economy and consumer spending. increased taxes could cut consumer spending spite $200 billion. -- consumer spending by $200 billion. what it can take all negotiations over the sequestered, we are focusing and the beginnings of the debate on the national debt in prime time. we will go back to august of last year to review some of the debate and news conferences from congress and the white house surrounding the passage of the budget control act. the law created automatic spending cuts set to take effect in january along with expiring tax provision
could. martha: i guarantee i have some stuff going down there. bill: new questions about president obama's healthcare law, more than a dozen states say they will not implement one of its key provisions. how that could affect the entire law and how you could end up paying for it, details on that. martha: shocking allegations of police negligence during the casey anthony murder investigation. what key piece of evidence florida detectives say that they blocked. bill: that is an amazing story there. also press president obama his cabinet is ready for a shakeup after the whole libya mess. the president said to be considering you susan rice to replace hillary clinton. why john mccain says he wants to talk to rice, hear her out and why he says she is not the problem. >> i give everyone the benefit of explain their position, and the actions that they took, and i'll be glad to have the opportunity to discuss these issues with her. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk c
president obama spoke with the house speaker boehner and the senate majority leader harry reid over the weekend. still, concerns of the crisis and the european debt crisis sent stocks down but not precipitously but down. we are seeing signs of progress in washington, dc, with rare bipartisan consensus on raising taxes on the wealthy but they remain at odds over the specifics. in other words, exactly highway do you do it. and mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. the white house is expressing putting pressure on congress. >>reporter: a report on the impact if the bush tax cuts are not extended. the study says the typical middle class family will see taxes go up by $2,200 next year affecting businesses and retailers. the argument is the families will spend less and it will hurt the economy. >> you can see it across housing, and services, and things like paying for cell phone, groceries, durable goods, auto purchases. evidence like this is a reason why retailers are so concerned that congress has not yet extended the middle-class tax cuts. >>reporter: and carney noted the president spo
sector has to move in and the 39.6 tax rate, you are not adding in the 3.8%, obama increase in payroll taxes, it is over 40% and it hits small businesses, subchapter-s corporations and, llc as and flow-flew entities and the corporate tax rate goes down and it makes them feel good and the businesses hit by the tax increases are the very small and mid-sized businesses that create jobs. >> lou: folks who weren't there today, andy. the folks were not there today. >> same people that they'll hit with obamacare and internally increases and labor cost increases. >> lou: what if i told you that i think it makes some sense, give him at the margin what he wants on taxes, okay? whether that is on investment tanks capping deductions, basically what mitt romney was proposing, which made a lot of sense, i think for most folks, get this done, and, tn, say, all right, now what will you do? you will still be left, if you roll a of that up, you are still going to be left with a huge hole called the deficit and it will have to mean cutting the federal budget. >> so, even if we increase the tax rates, as
upside-down is ridiculous. it's not true. they have legislated with the effort to defeat obama. he won. he won by 2 1/2 million votes, 325 -- 327 electoral votes, overwhelming. even though they did everything they could to stop him from being reelected. everyone knows what a failure this congress has been because of what the senate has done and that's nothing. nothing. no job creation. they didn't want that. it would -- if -- if we had had some ability to create jobs, it would have helped obama, it would have helped the country. but, no, that wasn't what they wanted to do. and a terrible day for them last year was the -- several months ago, the supreme court -- can you believe that? -- the supreme court declared obama-care constitutional? i mean, you talk about disappointment. this whole year has been a disappointment for them because they haven't been able to stop obama from getting reelected, even though they did everything they could to prevent him from being reelected. and then obama-care being declared constitutional. mr. president, no, we're not going to break the rules to change
obama is doing enough to cooperate with the other side. that goes down to about only 24% when it comes to the republicans in congress. >> i'm still shocked by that spoiled children there. crazy. all right, so more republicans are actually saying that they may cave and violate grover norquist's no tax pledge. tell us about that. >> yeah, and that no tax pledge is about 25 years old. those who signed it pledged not to raise taxes. but they also pledge that they would be against reducing or eliminating tax deductions or credits. as you mentioned two senators in the last week, saxby chambliss in georgia and lindsey graham of south carolina, both republicans, both up in 2014 for re-election said they would break the pledge if needed to get a deal done. congressman peter king republican in new york feels the same way. take a listen to him. >> i think everything should be on the table. i myself am opposed to tax increases. the fact is the speaker and majority leader and the president are going to be in a room trying to find the best package. i'm not going to prejudge it. i'm saying we should
on revenue, yes, but we need to make a down payment on government reform and tax reform as well. >> ken burns, david's colleague, tom freeman, wrote a column recently. i think it gets to the leadership challenge for obama, what he's got to do to really apply leverage on capitol hill. he writes this. i get why the president needs to stress that the wealthy will have to pay higher taxes before he can go to the base for spending cuts to restore long-term fiscal balance, but here's what i hope we'll see more from the president. a sense of excitement, a sense that if we can just get this grand bargain done, we can unlock roads again. if everyone has to take their castor oil, make them feel it will enable us to all get stronger, make them feel we are embarking on a new journey not to sock it to the successful but create more abundance for all. a sense of some civic duty. >> that's right. not kicking the can down the road, which is very easy. you can see all the ways that can happen. i agree with carly. as someone who just came out of witness protection along with big bird since the first debate, br
. yeah, friday, nothing -- the mar cut was up, thin trading, but down today. even though these guys are meeting again. in a sign of the slow pace, senior administration official said president obama and congressional leaders are not expected to reconvene this week. this is so the staff of both sides can continue to organize and work through the differences. and what is not a surprise at all, mr. obama instead will probably hit the road this week to give speeches. >> xwitner is supposed to be coming up with the details. >> aides said mr. obama will hit the road to mobilize public support. just like the last, same speeches over and over. >> you saw warren buffett this morning. >> some interesting points. he had an alternative minimum tax he had been talking about for the really wealthy. >> 30% or something. >> anybody from 1 to $10 million. also talked a little bit about raising the -- >> same thing he's been saying all along. >> he added that when it comes to who should be paying the higher taxes, he wants the threshold to be $500,000. >> and you see steven rattner on on talking abou
. >>> time is 8:55. president obama announced that at least walter will lead the securities and the exchange commission. this comes after mary shapiro stepped down after leading the government's regular response to the 2008 financial crisis. she'll leave on december 14. >>> and also this morning, nasa announced that they will send an astronaut to the international space station for a year-long mission starting in 2015. that astronaut is captain scott kelly. he'll spend 365 somedays in space -- days in space. the longest for an american astronaut. a russian holds the record. kelly looked familiar. the twin brother of the retired shuttle commander mark kelly and the brother-in-law of former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. and a russian will spend the year on the space station along with kelly. >>> on the foggaged you can look ahead to -- on this foggy day, you can look ahead to spring. the a's will host the seattle mariners on april 1, 2015. you can start buying tickets to that game at 10:00 a.m. tickets for the rest of the season go on sale in january. and coming up, we saw them go to the p
telephone conversations with president obama thinking that once the cease-fire was announced he could announce this power grab and not have the united states come down on him, an was right about that. megyn: we give them billions of dollars of aid every year. this weekend senator carl levin, democrats and chairman of the senate armed services committee says president obama must strig mall strong concerns about this power grab. the white house has to be listening to that to some extent. what should president obama do? >> i think he should stop any debt reduction that we have been talking about with egypt. he should put on hold the imf agreement they recently signed with egypt. if i would suspend economic aid. i would not us extend military aid because we are talking about a divided the egyptian government with the military more responsive to the united states. this is a very complicated situation inside egypt. there are different political factions, military, the muslim brotherhood. other supporters of mubarak. a small band of no democracy people. there is a lot here we have to be awar
believe when president obama says taxes will go on the rich, that is bull. its taxes for everybody. you cannot bring down the debt with a $5 trillion in your accumulated over the last four years to pay it down. you need structure readjustment with the entitlements, also, with social security, medicare, medicaid, also, and, also, the tax reform. the republicans have talked about revenue coming in from growth jobs and getting the economy going. when you get the economy going, you get more money coming into the irs and treasury/ when more americans are at work, they are paying. i don't believe it -- it is , woodymr. norquist said, it is a pledge to the people. some of those senators wanting to raise -- wanting not to raise taxes, that pledge, they knew what would happen to them, they would get run out of state. first i want to see president obama's cards on the table. host: jerry is up next in st. charles, missouri. good morning. caller: one of the things i would like to talk about is the waste in government. i see it continuously in ads on. on a completely off as far as a meter for your d
supports obama is going to buy a gun anyway. we're talking about both of those stories coming up. they are both new at 10:00. to the big board, down 68 points. the dow well below 13,000. here's our monday morning company. elizabeth macdonald is with us. sandra smith is here. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole to you first. i see facebook stock up again. why today? nicole: a great day for facebook. take a look at the stock, up over 6%. this only tacks on to what we have been seeing recently for facebook. today it's an analyst upgrade from bernstein. upgrading facebook to outperform from a market perform. when you look at longer term trend, over 26 weeks, it's down about 25%. but the last three months, it's up over 20%. so it shows a real about-face here for facebook. stuart: that's interesting because i see amazon has now turned around, up about a buck and a half. i see apple up about $7. so three of the big splash technology companies, they are up this monday morning. i don't think they have got anything in common, but they are all up. nicole: t
head down to the pay gates we're near the peak of the flow for the southbound 1 01 ride. >> president obama has named ellis' walter as sec chairman after the departures of mary schapiro from the pose. shapiros' resignation is effective december 14th. the residents said that elsie walters years of experience will serve her well and three years. she served as acting chairman during january 2009. not sure how the markets will react to that is what the dow is still negative this morning. >> a lot of us waiting of the dozens of new in else this morning from companies asking you to go there website and chop away. secretary gabe slate has great deals in cash and today. >> the as online shopping day of the year. cyber monday as expected this sadness sales records. retailers are offering huge discounts to larry to shot from your computer this monday. for every site will be offering free shipping. you can count where every shop on monday. some of the best deals i found for cyber monday, wal-mart is selling a free and scepter lcd tv for $250. also a 32 in. model for $180. the ipad 2 office $380,
's attorney general. we are joined from london by the aught over of "obama and the middle east, the end, america's moment." thank you for joining us. first of all, you know, people are just kind of paying attention again. thursday everybody is sitting down for turkey dinner. mohammed morsi, at the time, being viewed as a peacemaker in the cease-fire between israel and hamas. well, now this truce, the dust isn't even settled. the truce now morsi is now taking all this power and saying that he ultimately is in charge of many, many different aspects of the country. almost like a dictator. how significant do you think this is? >> well,, suzanne, very, very segment. i mean, he anointed himself as supreme leader with absolute powers. in many ways, what mohammed morsi is trying to do is to recreate the imperial presidency. there is no authority according to the new decree by mohammed morsi, there is no authority in ejust a minute that can override any decision by him. this tells you a great deal of how important what he did. the reality is that he has succeeded in unifying the opposition from
this morning, president obama has and the lease will to to lead the securities and exchange commission after the announcement that the current head of mary schapiro is stepping down next month. she is one of five members of the sec currently. she was appointed to the sec by george w. bush in july 2008. the president said dik-dik i'm confident her early years will serve her well and the new position and am cripple shias agreed to leave the agency. with the content congressional negotiations are the sequester and tax cuts to expire at the end of the year, tonight and prime time, focusing on the beginnings of the debt of the debate on the national debt. c-span will go back to august of last year to review some of the debate and is congress is from congress and the white house to run in the passage of the budget control act. the law created the automatic spending cuts to take effect in january along with some expiring tax revisions as part of the so- called fiscal cliff. it airs tonight it it o'clock eastern-- a o'clock here on c-span. >> in january, our first week we were sworn into office, the
will step down effective december 14th. now, remember, of course, she took office in january of 2009 right after the financial crisis in the early days of the obama administration. crucially for the sec, she took office right after the exposure of the bernie madoff scandal. and the sec has been struggling to put the pieces together ever since then. take a look at some of the highlights over at the sec. the sec pointing out this morning that they've had more enforcement actions than ever before in the past two years. 735 actions in 2011 and 734 in 2012. and the sec is now engaged in one of the busiest rule-making periods in decades and pointing out that her response to the frash crash included requiring exchanges to create a consolidated audit trail. this is a pretty well rolled out announcement here today. we saw the leak to the "new york times," then the official announcement and then a few minutes ago, the sec put out an e-mail entitled some of the accomplishments under mary shapiro's tenure. also going to hear from a lot of the critics of the sec. some on the left saying she has not gon
to say bring in it up we already have. the it was voted down in this spoke congress. obama the senate has spoken. president obama has spoken. spo he has promised he would not sign any bill that mortgages are futu to p future to pay for handouts to the wealthiest 2% of americans.i only h i only hope house republicanstening. have been listening. i also hope my colleagues, the hou and republican and democrats senateused the members of the house and senate also use the thanksgiving break to not only give thanks but also too reflect on the monumental task ahead. i hope it is time to reflect on the effort it will take to t complete the task. e wil as president eisenhower said co they will have to be mi compromises. and seeking the medal of the road isn't just acceptable. it's the only way forward. by spent as most americans know byw weeks now, the next few weeks areportant life critically important in the life of our nation. of our unless the president leads in leads a congress acts a combination of automatic tax cuts and sp
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